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Reviewed : In Fear Of Olive – Saluting Magpies

Saluting Magpies is the second EP release from South Yorkshire quartet In Fear Of Olive. Debut offering All We Can Do Is Wonder drew more than favourable praise and set the bar high for the follow up. Fortunately the band have delivered another four tracks (five if you buy the download version) that should once … Continue reading

Reviewed : Greg Harrisburg – Newport Line

“it ain’t just country music gets me moving across this floor but it’s the only thing that made me cry and kept me coming back for more” That’s a line that just about sums up what this record is all about. Newport Line is the first release from Welsh singer/songwriter Greg Harrisburg. A stripped down, … Continue reading

Reviewed : The Silver Darlings – Souls

The Silver Darlings are a transient collection of musicians, based around the mainstay of singer/songwriter Andy Whitehouse (much like the similarly aquatically titled Eels in a way). Described as downbeat romantics and helpless optimists, after several years of solo shows and band gigs in various configurations, with as near a settled line up as they … Continue reading

Reviewed : Stiv Cantarelli – Innerstate

Stiv Cantarelli‘s musical adventures began back in the late 90s with Italian alt-country outfit Satellite Inn. Latterly his work has formed the basis of the garage rock influenced Gold Rust and power trio The Saint Four. After more than ten years of tours around Europe and the US with his band projects, Stiv’s journey has led … Continue reading

Reviewed : Slaid Cleaves – Sorrow & Smoke

It’s been said many times that a good live album is a rare thing. Slaid Cleaves‘ first official foray into the territory is a successful one though. Recorded over two sessions at Austin’s Horseshoe Lounge, as immortalised in its own song on Slaid’s ‘breakthrough’ record Broke Down, the backing is simple. Typically subtle lead guitar … Continue reading

Reviewed : Dave Woodcock & The Dead Comedians – Poisoned Nights & Bar Room Lights

Poisoned Nights & Bar Room Lights is the second studio album from Sheffield band Dave Woodcock & The Dead Comedians. Following on from 2009’s acclaimed Omaha High Low, Dave Woodcock has arrived at a settled line up for his band of Dead Comedians, through almost two years of live shows promoting that debut record and … Continue reading

Reviewed : Shiznitz! – Boathouse Masters

Undiscovered gems, playing on the streets of Hull? You really wouldn’t think so, would you, but take the time to look about and listen and you just might be surprised. Led by the mysterious figure of Corona Smith, they’re a bunch of ‘self styled rabble rousing purveyors of stray dance.’  What it translates into is … Continue reading

Reviewed : Boss Caine – The Ship That Sailed

“Where lays my baby tonight?” Allow me to introduce you to your new love. Boss Caine. One night stands, affairs of years, months or weeks, and flames that never quite burn out. That’s just the many transient members of the York musical collective that serves as a stage name and vehicle for the songs of … Continue reading

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