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On Tour : Otis Gibbs

Otis Gibbs is back in the UK supporting latest record Harder Than Hammered Hell which we talked about back here not so long ago.

Having already played shows in Ireland and appeared at this weekend’s just gone Maverick Festival, the tour continues in Bristol on July 3rd with 18 more UK dates to come as follows (note the dates are in the US format):

07/03/12 Bristol, England The Hen & Chicken UK

07/04/12 Brighton, England Prince Albert UK

07/05/12 London, England The Boogaloo UK

07/06/12 Tingewick (near Buckingham, England Tingewick Village Hall UK

07/07/12 Broseley (Shropshire), England The Birchmeadow Community Centre UK

07/08/12 Cottingham, England (East Yorkshire) The Back Room UK

07/10/12 Manchester, England 2022nq US

07/11/12 Sheffield, England The Greystones UK

07/12/12 Wakefield, England Henry Boons UK

07/13/12 Newcastle, England The Cluny 2 UK

07/14/12 Sevenoaks, England The Stag Community Centre UK

07/15/12 Dorset, England Larmer Tree Festival UK

07/16/12 Birmingham (Kings Heath), England The Kitchen Garden Cafe UK

07/18/12 Bury, England The Met UK

07/19/12 Nottingham, England The Maze UK

*break for shows in Holland and Switzerland*

08/02/12 Plymouth, England The B-Bar UK

08/03/12 PILTON (Barnstaple), England Pilton Village Hall UK

08/05/12 Sidmouth (Devon), England Sidmouth Folk Festival UK


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