Quiet Loner to record live album on May 10th

Quiet Loner (aka singer/songwriter Matt Hill) is inviting the public to attend the live recording of his third album – a collection of self-penned protest songs entitled Greedy Magicians. The recording takes place at Salford’s Sacred Trinity Chapel on Thursday May 10th. All concert attendees will receive a free copy of the record once it is released later in 2012.

Explaining his idea Hill said “Although my last album Spectrology was done in a recording studio the core performances were played live and I wanted to capture that intimate feel again but this time in a non-studio space. Churches have great acoustics so it made sense to do it there.”

The songs collected for Greedy Magicians connect around a loose political or protest theme. They cover a wide range of topics – the resurgence of British fascism (The Ghost of Oswald Mosely), the experiences of a WW1 soldier (Unmarked Grave), growing up with a Thatcher government (Discontented Winter) and the loss of faith in politicians (If Your Lips Move You’re Lying).

Greedy Magicians takes it’s name from a song about the banking crisis and sets the tone for an overtly political album. Hill concedes it might put some people off, “Yes it does sound tedious when you say you’re making a political record but these are everyday issues that affect us all – the NHS, social care, civil liberties and democracy. It’s important that artists speak out and this collection of songs is a way of presenting my view.”

Part of the Manchester label collective Little Red Rabbit, Hill will be working with label mate musicians James Youngjohns (Willard Grant Conspiracy, Last Harbour) and Michael Doward (Last Harbour, Samson & Delilah) and the whole project is being overseen by Sam Lench from Samson and Delilah. Compering the evening will be Salford poet Longfella, who last year was the official Glastonbury Festival poet in residence.

Ticket details and more can be found on Quiet Loner’s website.

In the run up to the show Little Red Rabbit will making demos of some of the songs to be recorded available via their Soundcloud page.


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