New Hans Chew single for free download

Head over to and for just the price of an e-mail address you can grab yourself Mercy, the brand new single from Hans Chew.

Hans is currently recording the follow up to his critically acclaimed debut album, Tennessee & Other Stories… in the legendary music town of Woodstock.

Mercy will be released to coincide with a two week tour of the UK and Ireland in May, duo shows featuring virtuoso guitarist Dave Cavallo at his side. Expect howling piano driven rock & roll. The Wire described Hans as soundling line “early Elton John playing with
The Faces”.

Debut album Tennessee & Other Stories… received four-stars from Rolling Stone magazine, who called it “fabulous… timeless… reminiscent of John Prine and Steve Earle”, and Uncut magazine included the album in their Top 50 Albums of the Year and their 20 Best Americana Albums, as well as nominating the pianist/singer/songwriter for their highest honor, The Uncut Award.

Worth a punt for free, eh?


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