PJ Bond

Part review, part essential listening, part gig pick, so posted as a Feature…

Like his home state of New Jersey, PJ Bond is a contradiction. His music is as the same time bittersweet and abrasive, melancholic and beautiful with his recorded output proving the point. Debut solo album, “You Didn’t Know I was Alphabetical” is a lush, multi-instrumented pop album, yet it’s follow up “22nd April Vienna, Austria” is the polar opposite, featuring just Bond and his guitar. What’s maybe most interesting is hearing the crossover, with “Stop Being Bad” and “Grow Your Smile Wide” featuring on both recordings. It’s with the acoustic record that you find the true essence of Bond, pitching himself alternatively somewhere between Ryan Adams and Frank Turner. It’s equally clear that what Bond has is a strong work ethic. From years spent touring the US in various punk outfits, the music’s attitude and influence filters through. The rough edges are still there, and that’s no bad thing, but essentially it remains at heart to be just story-telling. In 2009, Bond quit his house and possessions and took to the road with just a guitar, playing shows here, there and everywhere. PJ Bond is an artist with heart. Book him for your house show, venue, stadium or funeral. He won’t let you down.

PJ Bond plays Koo Bar, Hull on Saturday March 10th – doors at 12pm – £3.


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