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Reviewed : The Silver Darlings – Souls

The Silver Darlings are a transient collection of musicians, based around the mainstay of singer/songwriter Andy Whitehouse (much like the similarly aquatically titled Eels in a way).

Described as downbeat romantics and helpless optimists, after several years of solo shows and band gigs in various configurations, with as near a settled line up as they get a debut album has finally been delivered.

Souls is the result. Recurring themes are water and the sea, we’ve all had those days where your girlfriend turns into a mermaid and disappears out into the murky depths, never to be heard of again, right?

It’s not music you can easily pigeon-hole. There are folk and pop influences, without it particularly being either. The album is laced with piano hooks, the ‘band’ mainly comprising piano, drums, acoustic guitar and bass, the final track being a waltz (not unreasonably named The Waltz Of The Silver Darlings). I’m not sure of the sequencing of that (it’s often how live shows are finished too), but musically it still sits well with the rest of the album.

She Has Gone has always been a live favourite, though it is Still Be Waiting that is the stand out track here on what is a very enjoyable record. Whilst desperately trying to avoid a pun on ‘soul’, perhaps find a corner of your heart for The Silver Darlings. Be it for the endearing enthusiasm, pure love of making music that shines here or simply well written songs.


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