2011 odds and ends round up…

We’ve already brought you our top ten albums of the year as featured here. Now for a round up of a few things that don’t fit in such a list…

So our favourite new musical discoveries of 2011 that weren’t actually new but we heard for the first time:

The Good Lovelies Canadian all girl trio who are touring the UK in May. This is from their 2009 self titled album:

Josh Harty See our Essential Listening feature from November

Jeff Caudill Jeff was the first person interviewed for Nowhere Town back here

Danny Schmidt a voice full of soul and an immaculate live performer, check out tracks from his latest record Man Of Many Moons and more here

The Milk Carton Kids US duo who’s albums you can download for free at http://www.themilkcartonkids.com/ or take a look here:


Live album of the year : Slaid CleavesSorrow & Smoke

Brings the Slaid live experience right into your front room. Read our review here. Go For The Gold is the only new track featured here and will hopefully form part of a 2012 release.


Compilation album of the year : Chris MillsHeavy Years

Partial career retrospective (it covers his last four studio albums) plus two new tracks, remastered for this fine introduction to America’s finest songwriter. Sadly doesn’t include the track that lent its name to this site, but the kind of album that could cause arguments long into the night about what was included and what wasn’t.


Tribute album of the year : Gurf Morlix – Blaze Foley’s 113th Wet Dream

Gurf Morlix pays tribute to the duct tape messiah with his interpretation of 15 of Blaze Foley’s songs, released in conjunction with a film about his friend’s life. Murdered at 39, the album and film will hopefully bring Blaze’s songs to an audience he never found.



Best EP/Mini album if the year : Here we have a tie. Josh Harty we already mentioned, there’s a link above to a track from his 7 track offering Nowhere. Pete David  & The Payroll Union, latterly renamed as simply The Payroll Union released their debut EP Underfed & Underpaid which features the majestic Abigail as heard here.

Bad thing about 2011 : R.E.M. breaking up.

Good thing about 2011 : R.E.M. not making any more very average albums like the last few.

Favourite live performance : Richmond Fontaine bringing The High Country to life in it’s entireity was something special.



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