PIAS update

We told you last week about the warehouse fire that has affected many of the UK’s independent record labels whose product is stored and distributed through PIAS . An updated list of those labels concerned can now be found here on the PIAS website.

There are many things happening around the country to help those involved through these difficult times. Numerous playlists have appeared on Spotify showcasing the artists on the labels who have been hit, whilst the likes of iTunes and Rough Trade are highlighting downloads/stock of those who’ve suffered losses. PIAS in conjunction with AIM (Association of Independent Music) have also established a fund to assist the labels in need.

Any Twitter users will have struggled not to notice the Record Label Love campaign. Benefit gigs are already taking place, with no doubt many more on the way, and other fund raising activities are being coordinated. Follow them @RecordLabelLove for the latest news.

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