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Darren Hanlon & Shelley Short, UK tour/festivals + last minute Sheffield show

Darren Hanlon hits the UK later this month for a short UK tour that bookends an appearance at the End Of The Road festival. The Australian’s band will feature US singer/songwriter Shelley Short, who will also open most of the shows.

After a couple of years couch surfing, house sitting and soul searching across the world, Darren has emerged with his fourth studio album, I Will Love You At All. Written in a variety of exotic locations from Paris to Coonabarabran, it seems travel has made Darren’s heart grow wistful, and the result is an album of gentle longing and reminiscence.

I Will Love You At All was recorded at Type Foundry in Portland, Oregon by Adam Selzer (M Ward, She & Him, The Decemberists). Featuring Rachel Blumberg (Bright Eyes, M Ward, She & Him, The Decemberists) on drums – along with three additional drummers – the record also features long time collaborator Cory Gray on keys. Reinforcing the album’s sweet nature are the twin female vocals of Shelley Short and Alia Farah.

Shelley Short herself is a native of Portland, where she grew up among characters and artists in a wood-heated home full of books and records. As Short recounts: “It was like growing up in a time machine; in some ways we lived like in 1876, chopping wood, growing our own food, wearing old clothes in a Victorian home and singing our own songs. Other times it seemed like we were living in 1955, driving around Cadillacs and Studebakers and listening to Jonny Ray and The Flamingos. And yet it all felt like growing up in a blurring movie made in 1963, full of these big personalities. As a kid I grew up so accustomed to falling asleep to the sounds of all this.”

Starting in Glasgow on August 29th the tour heads through Nottingham, Wishaw, London as well as End Of The Road. A last minute show has been added at Sheffield‘s picturesque Lantern Theatre on the 30th where support will come from The Silver Darlings. Those dates in full are:

August 29th : The Captain’s Rest, Glasgow – £5

August 30th : The Lantern Theatre, Sheffield – £4 Adv/£5 Door

August 31st : Lee Rosy’s Tea, Nottingham – £4

September 4th : End Of The Road Festival

September 6th : The Hideout, Wishaw – £10

September 8th : 100 Club, London – £11

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