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Last Sunday at The Cupola

Cupola is a contempory art gallery that’s been established in Sheffield for over 20 years.

They’re currently hosting live music on the last Sunday afternoon of each month, organised by Andy Whitehouse of Four Rivers Promotions. Subject to the weather it’s held in their picturesque sculpture garden, or in one of their four gallery spaces.

Entry is free, as is tea and cake! This month’s guests were Hungarian Lanterns. Among their own quirky compositions featuring recurring themes of cars/travel and a song about pretend lesbians, they also performed covers of Rammstein, Morrissey (or was it The Smiths?) and Lloyd Cole. A trio featuring acoustic guitar, piano and bass/mandolin, with an entertaining line in banter too.

A more than pleasant way of passing a couple of Sunday afternoon hours, with an amble around the gallery during the break between sets, even if you wouldn’t expect an art gallery to be your thing, because i didn’t.



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