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Reviewed : Shiznitz! – Boathouse Masters

Undiscovered gems, playing on the streets of Hull? You really wouldn’t think so, would you, but take the time to look about and listen and you just might be surprised. Led by the mysterious figure of Corona Smith, they’re a bunch of ‘self styled rabble rousing purveyors of stray dance.’  What it translates into is an intriguing mixture of arranged traditional songs and band originals. Rabble rousing it certainly is. If jigs like “Mason’s Apron” and “Tullah’s Reel” don’t make you want to join in the fun and thump some percussion along to the music, you haven’t got a soul. Underneath the good time vibe of fiddles and accordions, there’s a serious side to Shiznitz, with “Yo Ho Ho” nailing the economic power struggle between owner and worker in the city’s former fishing industry. If this all sounds a bit old fashioned and well meaning, it goes beyond that. Like all good folk music, it resonates directly with the present day. Old Music Hall number, “Whole World Over”, is given a fresh overhaul to create a stinging critique of current political policy. Superbly recorded and put together, keep your eyes peeled, your eyes open and pick up a CD.


http://www.shiznitz.org (under construction)


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