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Reviewed : Boss Caine – The Ship That Sailed

“Where lays my baby tonight?” Allow me to introduce you to your new love. Boss Caine. One night stands, affairs of years, months or weeks, and flames that never quite burn out. That’s just the many transient members of the York musical collective that serves as a stage name and vehicle for the songs of one Daniel Lucas, aka GT Turbo.

After numerous live recordings and EPs, the highly anticipated debut album ‘The Ship That Sailed’ has finally arrived. There are many points of reference that could be quoted, but suffice to say if songs of heartbreak, hopelessness, alcohol, despair and ultimately, redemption, are your thing then you will find much to enjoy here. If enjoy is quite the right word. There are songs within that could have Leonard Cohen reaching for the razor blades. Yet the whole record is laced with a beauty and a feeling that everything will just be alright in the end.

Whilst the album is steeped in Americana influence, the songs remain very English. London landmarks feature quite prominently, with GT having lived there for some time and many of these songs having been inspired by that period. ‘Sing For Your Sins’ is a slow burning epic. Coming in at almost 8 minutes you’re still left wanting more. It would make the perfect album closer and therefore sounds a little out of place in the middle of the record. Live favourite ‘Man Overboard’ is brought to life with steel guitar and piano sounds complementing the recurring theme of the sea. The almost ethereal backing vocals of ‘This Is Your Life’ provide the perfect contrast to Turbo’s trademark gruff delivery.

“There’s little that comes easy in these times I have found” laments GT on the penultimate track ‘Leaving Victoria’. Indeed it’s been a long and hard road for Boss Caine to deliver the record. Don’t miss this boat.

The album is out now on Little Num Num Music and is available from http://www.bosscaine.com/ as well as other places.


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